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In Motion Sports Performance now offers a complete program combining improved cardiovascular fitness with proper diet and lifestyle adjustments to help you find the diet that works for your health and your fitness goals.

Education, communication, and lots of support will help you lose weight and keep weight off. Our fitness and weight loss experts will help unlock your potential to make the lifestyle changes you can’t make alone. Your personal nutrition and fitness program begins with a private, individual analysis by a registered dietitian and a physical therapist or athletic trainer. Their one to one connection with you is the unshakable foundation that helps you to reach your goals.

Compare our guidance and support to other programs:

Evaluation and Follow-Up Sessions with a Dietitian
In Motion’s nutritional analysis and evaluation is performed by a registered dietitian. These nutritional assessments are personalized and will benchmark your current height, weight, BMI, and body fat. From there, a dietitian will work on your nutritional needs with:

  • Assessment of your estimated daily energy needs
  • Evaluation of your current daily regimen
  • Development of an individualized meal plan, based on your needs and preferences
  • Nutrition education, including healthy eating tips and suggestions for tracking tools

Supervised Exercise with a Fitness Instructor
Our personal trainers will coach, motivate, and empower you to improve yourself by helping you build a stronger, leaner body. Fitness routines combine improved cardiovascular fitness with strength training to boost your metabolism and help you reshape your body. Your instructor will use state-of-the-art equipment and exercise techniques to:

  • Evaluate your strength and cardiovascular status
  • Develop a customized exercise plan to meet your unique needs
  • Establish and achieve your personal fitness and/or weight loss goals
  • Prevent injury through exercise and technique

Follow Up Assessments
Crucial to this program is our ongoing supervision of your status. Our experts will monitor your weight and fitness level regularly to assess your progress  and adjust or reanalyze your original fitness goals. We are always available to offer advice and support to you on your journey.

Package Pricing
We give you lots of options, including flexible hours, and individual or group training sessions. Each session is an hour long. All of our packages include a nutritional evaluation and follow-up visits with the registered dietitian to help keep you on track!

Our Locations

In Motion at Chilled Ponds
1416 Stephanie Way, Suite A
Chesapeake, VA, 23320
View map and get directions.

In Motion at Boo Williams Sportsplex
5 Armistead Pointe Parkway,
Hampton, Virginia 23666
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In Motion at Harbour View
Health Center at Harbour View
5838 Harbour View Blvd, Suite 130
Suffolk, VA 23435
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In Motion at Healthy Way
Bon Secours Health Center at Virginia Beach
828 Healthy Way
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
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