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Nutrition and Weight Loss

Eating right boosts performance, endurance and recovery, and feeds muscle growth and repair. Eating right – not denying your body food – is also part of weight control and weight loss. We’ve created weight management programs that help you meet fitness and performance goals.

How does your nutrition measure up? Don’t let poor nutrition keep you from your personal best. Are you eating the right foods to meet the caloric and nutritional demands of your sport?

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Weight Loss Program
Are you at the best weight for your athletic goals? Do you need the advice and support of a weight loss program in order to meet your goal weight in a healthy way?

Bon Secours Physical Therapy & Sports Performance now offers a complete program combining improved cardiovascular fitness with proper diet and lifestyle adjustments to help you find the diet that works for your health and your sports goals.

Bon Secours Physical Therapy’s nutritional analysis and evaluation is performed by Brooke Mercedes, RD, a Registered Dietitian and certified swim coach with a post-graduate fellowship in sports nutrition.

Her nutritional assessments are personalized and sport specific.

Initial Nutritional Evaluation:

  • Height, weight and Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Measure Estimated Energy Needs and Protein Intake
  • Determine fluid needs
  • Establish nutritional goals
  • Create meal plans based on your food preferences, for competition and practices

Follow Up Assessments:

  • Assess progress of meal plan
  • Monitor current weight and nutritional status
  • Analyze body fat

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