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A Message to Wicked 10K Runners!

Ricasa-Jocelyn-MD-portrait-238x300Hello Wicked runners!

Another Halloween is upon us, which for me, means the privilege of again serving as Medical Director for the Wicked 10k! One of my absolute favorite things about this race is how seriously you all take your costumes. Watching you guys cross the finish line with such enthusiasm and creativity is the highlight of my time at The Wicked! As your Medical Director, though, I do find myself occasionally saying aloud “Gosh, I hope they trained at least a little with those ______ (insert “heavy costume pieces” or “obviously not running shoes”, etc)” or even gasping in horror saying “oh goodness, that HAS to hurt!”

With that said, I officially recommend that you consider taking your costume for a few “test runs,” to work out the kinks, improve the endurance of your super-glued sequins/feathers/flair and allow your body to adjust to your altered biomechanics from that heavy pack you decided was a costume “must-have.”If you are running alone, make sure you can see well out of your mask/veil/visage, so you can successfully avoid the onslaught of obstacles of costume pieces falling off the runners ahead of you (who didn’t use the super-glue that I mentioned earlier). If you must wear vision-impairing attire, enlist the help of a trusted friend and fellow runner to keep the “look out” for you and practice running with them ahead of time.

Don’t worry about the public humiliation that occurs with wearing such costumes on training runs prior to the race. Everyone knows that the Wicked 10k is coming up, and those people watching you run around your neighborhood dressed up are simply impressed with your level of preparation and jealous of your level of ingenuity. And really… who cares what they think… because you look awesome!

As always… live, love and run!

Jocelyn Ricasa, MD
Race Medical Director
Bon Secours Sports Medicine