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Sports Physical Therapy

ThinkstockPhotos-86535691Sports physical therapy is a specialized subset of physical therapy, with clinicians who specialize in working with athletes. These physical therapists work with athletes of all ages to treat existing injuries, prevent future injury, and help people return to and improve overall function.

Sports physical therapy has several critical roles. These specialized therapists are involved directly in preventing and rehabilitating injuries by using their understanding of the biomechanics of human movement and the demands of sport specific functions. After incisions heal, bruises are gone, swelling subsided and athletes have returned to their regular daily activities, then they have to return to their sport. Sports physical therapists are there to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and performance.

Sports physical therapy helps to return and enhance sports specific training by working with strength and conditioning specialists, coaches and other sports professionals to identify areas to focus on, optimize training plans to maximize function and decrease risk for re-injury.

The Bon Secours In Motion sports physical therapists address not only the injury at hand but also look to identify the underlying causes of injury by taking into account the individual demands of different sports and each individual’s strengths and weaknesses. They look at each individual’s biomechanics and address poor movement patterns and underlying weaknesses to help improve efficiency of movement and improvement of sport specific skills. The ultimate goal is to return each individual to their sport stronger than before and with decreased risk for future injury.

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