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Physical Therapy Programs

Bon Secours Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy Programs in Richmond. Specialized programs help you heal three times fasterAfter an injury, surgery, or illness, “picking yourself up” can be more than a figure of speech. Once a physician has determined the damage, the focus quickly turns to putting you on the path to recovery of lost skills. That’s where physical therapy comes in.

We offer innovative programs.

We know that reclaiming what’s been lost is hard work. You need good people on your side. Our patients seem to think we do a great job. In 2007-08, they gave us a 97% positive satisfaction rating.

  • Free, plentiful parking
  • An appointment guaranteed within 48 hours of your call
  • Excellent physical therapy
  • Options in care: new technologies, holistic approaches, innovative programs
  • One-to-one attention between qualified therapist and patient
  • Patient Centered, Evidence Based physical therapy evaluation and therapy
  • Answers to your question of what is causing your overuse injury

We can facilitate the tissue repair process to achieve a correction of a problem or maximize the bodies ability to compensate for a injury.

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