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Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

If you have lower back, buttocks or sciatica pain, you may be suffering from Sacroiliac (SI) dysfunction. SI dysfunction can occur when the sacroiliac joint moves out of alignment due to trauma, postural deficits or inflammation.

The SI dysfunction will present as stiffness and/or pain in the hip, buttocks, groin and/or the low back.  Our Physical Therapists are able to assess the many different types of SI dysfunction and treat those using manual techniques and therapeutic exercise. The treatment program will also educate clients on the causes for SI dysfunction and instruct on preventative measures.

What are some common causes for SI joint pain?

Trauma from falls

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Degenerative arthritis

Inflammatory arthritis

Leg length discrepancies

Previous lumbar or lumbosacral spinal fusion

Hip injuries, surgeries or arthritis

Knee injuries or surgeries

Pregnancy or childbirth

Posture abnormalities

Muscle imbalance


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