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Direct Access

What is Direct Access?

Physical therapy patients can now self-refer and be seen by a licensed physical therapist at In Motion without first seeing a physician for a referral.  Called Direct Access, this practice allows physical therapists to provide direct care. Once therapy is approved by your insurance company, direct access saves time, thereby expediting your treatment, relief and recovery. It is not our intention to replace physicians. In fact, we work closely with physicians to provide the best care possible to our patients.

Who is it for?

Anyone requiring physical therapy.  Please note, in some cases a physical therapist might recommend you first see a physician to rule out any complications prior to starting therapy.

How do you use it?

You can call the physical therapy clinic directly to schedule your initial evaluation. We verify your insurance coverage before your initial evaluation.  If not covered you are given the option to self pay. Once evaluated by a physical therapist, the physical therapist will provide a plan of care to your physician if necessary. Once this plan of care is signed, this document can serve as your prescription for continued PT.  If you don’t have a physician we can help you find one.

Is Direct Access available at all physical therapy clinics?

Direct Access is now available at all our Southside and Peninsula physical therapy locations.

Benefits of using Direct Access:

  • It allows for quicker access to physical therapy treatment.
  • It promotes optimal outcomes and recovery.
  • It relieves your pain and restores your quality of life without delay.
  • It provides savings in the overall health system.

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