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Anodyne® Therapy System

The Anodyne® Therapy System uses monochromatic infrared energy (MIRE) to increase local circulation and reduce pain by releasing nitric oxide (NO) from red blood cells. Nitric oxide is a powerful vasodilator. The localized release of NO improves nerve function and is also important for growing new blood vessels and skin cells necessary for wound healing. Low levels of nitric oxide and poor nitric oxide levels are common in patients with diabetes and are recognized to be major contributing factors in the poor microcirculation, numbness in the feet and legs, foot ulceration and pain associated with DPN.

The Anodyne® Therapy System has been used safely on thousands of patients for over 9 years for the reduction of pain and increasing local circulation. Observed in our clinical use, The Anodyne® Therapy System can help with:

  • Faster healing and prevention of pressure ulcers
  • Improved wound healing in chronic non-healing wounds
  • Potential to prevent amputations in diabetic patients
  • Faster healing of injuries and surgeries
  • Better pain management for pain of all types
  • Reduction in pain medications
  • Improved contracture management
  • Potential to reduce falls due to diabetic neuropathy and arthritis pain

Please contact the location you would like to attend to confirm we offer this program.

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