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What to Know About Speech Therapy

Winter weather can wreak havoc on a person’s voice. A bad cold or a sore throat makes it difficult to swallow and enunciate. While time and proper care can restore one to good health and speech, some conditions can have a lasting effect on the way a person communicates. Whether you have experienced difficulty speaking and expressing yourself as a result of an accident or stroke, the speech therapists at Bon Secours are here to help you improve your vocal communication and cognitive skills.

Who Needs Speech Therapy

According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, close to 19 million Americans experience some type of speech impairment. Causes for such disorders may include:

  • Aphasia – this condition, commonly suffered following a stroke or other traumatic brain injury, affects a person’s ability to speak and communicate clearly
  • Cognitive Deficits – older people suffering dementia, memory loss or similar conditions may have difficulty expressing themselves
  • Dysphagia – difficulty swallowing as a result of illness or injury to the nervous system can also affect speech
  • Texture Aversion – speech impediments can be an issue for people triggered by certain foods
  • Tracheotomy Patients – throat and esophageal cancer can result in speech problems that require therapy 
  • Stuttering – Approximately 3 million Americans stutter or stammer. While some instances are temporary, other people may experience this problem for years.

How Speech Therapy Helps

Speech therapy is more than simply coaching a patient to enunciate and improve speech patterns. Bon Secours speech therapists assist patients with a variety of treatments designed to strengthen muscles used for speech, eating, and swallowing. Cognitive therapy aids patients in improved reasoning and thought patterns, which in turn improves vocal expression. For patients with advanced issues, training with assistive communication devices like speech generating tablets allow for more flexibility and independent living.

Contact A Bon Secours Speech Therapist

Do you require speech therapy? Our expert therapists are here to help you be heard and understood. Contact us today to learn more about our speech therapy programs.

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