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Physical Therapy Programs

Injuries, illness and chronic ailments impact your daily life in so many ways. Even simple things like turning a doorknob, sitting in a chair or climbing a few stairs can be a painful struggle. Bon Secours In Motion physical therapy programs help you regain your mobility and your quality of life.

Our skilled therapists customize therapy programs to your individual needs, offering today’s most proven and innovative treatments and technologies — and the kind of personalized care you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Convenience: Bon Secours In Motion has 17 locations throughout Hampton Roads. You’re never far from good physical therapy and we’ll work to ensure you a timely appointment.
  • Patient-Centered Therapy: It’s all about you. Our therapists are here to listen and determine the proper rehabilitation for your body. The program you receive is the one created for your individual recovery.
  • Innovation: At Bon Secours In Motion, we research the latest technologies in physical therapy, from holistic remedies to new technologies.

We know that reclaiming what’s been lost is hard work. You need good people on your side. We invite you to learn more about your physical rehabilitation options in Hampton Roads. Contact us today.

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