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How Golf Rehab Can Help Dad Improve His Swing

June 6th, 2019

This Father’s Day, help Dad get what he really wants—a few points off his score. Golf rehabilitation, a special form of physical therapy, focuses on improving the technique and strength of golfers of all levels, from the casual weekend player to professionals. At Bon Secours In Motion, our Titleist Performance Institute-certified physical therapists design individualized […]READ MORE

Can Orthotics Help You with Pain?

February 2th, 2018

Orthotics are specialized devices like shoe inserts, knee braces or ankle braces that are designed to support your bone and muscle health. The most commonly used orthotics are shoe inserts that improve foot and ankle health. True foot orthotics can’t be bought in a shoe store. These customized shoe inserts, available from physical therapists, podiatrists […]READ MORE

Tips to Find the Right Shoes for Your Sport

August 8th, 2017

Athletic shoes are not one size fits all. Selecting the right pair of athletic shoes can be similar to buying a car or a home; you’re going to spend a lot of time in them, so you want to be sure you choose something that is going to fit your lifestyle. Keep in mind these […]READ MORE

Cross Training and the Benefits of Mixing it Up

November 11th, 2015

This blog was written by Laeteashai “Kiki” Foster, PTA. To cross train means to train in more than one sport, a different skill, or task. Cross training is designed to enhance your overall health and add benefits to the body by way of training muscle groups that aren’t consistently used in the athlete’s primary sport. […]READ MORE

A Message to Wicked 10K Runners!

November 11th, 2015

Hello Wicked runners! Another Halloween is upon us, which for me, means the privilege of again serving as Medical Director for the Wicked 10k! One of my absolute favorite things about this race is how seriously you all take your costumes. Watching you guys cross the finish line with such enthusiasm and creativity is the […]READ MORE

Fuel Your Distance Runs

August 8th, 2015

This blog was written by Alex Kenefic, Registered Dietitian, at Bon Secours In Motion Physical Therapy and Sports Performance.  You need to eat well to fuel your top performances in races. Try out these tips to do your best at any distance: For all exercise High intensity, short duration athletes have different nutrition needs from […]READ MORE

Prevent and Heal IT Band Syndrome

August 8th, 2015

This blog was written by Jocelyn Ricasa, MD, sports medicine physician at Bon Secours Medical Associates.  You have been happily hitting your stride and then it seems like with every step, your stride has started to hit you back on the outside of your knee! What causes that pain?  It might just be a four-letter diagnosis that […]READ MORE

Bon Secours In Motion Congratulations Athletes On Collegiate Commitments

July 7rd, 2015

Bon Secours In Motion is proud to recognize the hard-working student athletes who train with the Sports Performance team on their collegiate decisions. This year, 22 local student athletes who work with Bon Secours In Motion committed to college teams in a variety of sports including football, volleyball, field hockey, basketball, rowing, soccer, softball and […]READ MORE

Speed and Agility for Young Athletes

June 6th, 2015

This blog was contributed by Corey Anderson, CSCS, the Sports Performance Coordinator at the Watkins Centre Clinic in Richmond. Speed and agility training are often the first things parents and athletes think about when it comes to improving sports performance.  Below are answers to questions that I frequently receive many questions from parents and young athletes, ages […]READ MORE

Summer Strength and Conditioning Programs

May 5th, 2015

This blog was contributed by Curt Truhe, CSCS. As the temperature warms up and the end of school is in the near future, it is now time to start thinking about how you will use the summer months to meet your strength and conditioning goals. Background Information Having a basic understanding of how a strength […]READ MORE