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April is Occupational Therapy Month

conscious-design-ubeslMfS1lk-unsplashApril is Occupational Therapy Month. Without the hard work of amazing occupational therapists like those at Bon Secours In Motion, many people may find it challenging to get through the day. During this month of awareness, let’s take a look at the importance and benefits of OT in the community. 

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy takes a holistic approach toward improving one’s quality of life. Where physical therapy focuses on a patient’s pain management and mobility after an injury or illness, occupational therapists aid in helping people adapt to changes created by these situations. Therapists may assist individuals in learning or relearning any number of skills, including:

  • Self-sufficiency – dressing and undressing, preparing meals, using a toilet unassisted
  • Hand-eye coordination – for improved balance and enjoyment of leisure activities like reading and playing musical instruments
  • Improvement of motor skills – for increased ability to grasp and manipulate objects and increase independence

Who Needs Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapists work with patients from all walks of life. People come to OT facilities like Bon Secours In Motion with a variety of histories, so there really is no typical OT patient. Those who require occupational therapy may include:

  • People recovering from automobile accidents or other physical injuries
  • People with neurological issues stemming from illness, injury or birth defect
  • People with mental or behavioral health issues
  • People with autism or similar conditions

Our staff may work with young people experiencing challenges to senior adults seeking to live independently. 

Do You Need Occupational Therapy?

Have you recently suffered an accident resulting in difficulties performing simple tasks? Are you “feeling your age” and need assistance to maintain your quality of life? If you feel occupational therapy can provide benefits, we invite you to learn more about our therapists and our programs. Contact Bon Secours In Motion today.