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Do You Need the Graston Technique?

One day you’re out walking and you feel a pop that signals a muscle strain in your lower leg. Or maybe you’re at work typing diligently on your laptop when the wrist discomfort you experience on occasion graduates to severe pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. Soft tissue injuries such as these interrupt our daily routines, and treatments may vary according to your needs. If pain and limited mobility become issues, the Graston Technique may be the answer. 

What is the Graston Technique?

Patients with acute or chronic pain due to age, injury, or post-surgical issues may benefit from Graston Technique therapy. GT utilizes special stainless steel instruments used by the therapist to treat problem areas such as elbows and knees, shoulders, hamstrings, and hands and fingers. The therapist applies these instruments to the soft tissue to assist with amplified mobilization. Problems like scar tissue and fibrosis can be detected and treated in this manner.

How does the Graston Technique help?

Benefits of GT include:

  • Expedited recovery period – Patients of Graston Technique therapy may expect to resume an active lifestyle more quickly than those who undergo different therapies or none at all.
  • Fewer appointments – GT therapy is designed to treat the patient in an accelerated manner, with an average of two treatments a week over a period of four to five weeks.
  • Lasting reduction or elimination of pain – Patients of GT are able to enjoy their favorite activities and sports relatively pain-free. GT patients are also less likely to rely on anti-inflammatory meds following therapy.

Who can benefit from Graston Technique therapy?

Any patient dealing with pain and discomfort may be able to try GT as a means of pain relief. This type of therapy is especially helpful to people dealing with sports and exercise related injuries like tennis elbow and knee sprains. Fibromyalgia patients and those with chronic joint and back pain are also eligible, as are women experiencing postpartum scarring.

How to receive GT therapy

Bon Secours In Motion offers the Graston Technique, among other physical and occupational therapies at our various locations. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about the procedure and benefits to your flexibility and quality of life and to schedule an appointment.