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Experts In Motion – Meet Heather Byrne!

Heather Byrne, DPT with Bon Secours In Motion Physical Therapy and Sports Performance

Heather Byrne, DPT

Heather Byrne, DPT has been a PT at the Bon Secours In Motion at Healthy Way in Virginia Beach since June of 2009 following her graduation from PT school.  She has her undergraduate degree in Sports Medicine from UVA and got her DPT at ODU in 2009 (Go Monarchs!). She is currently getting her certification in Dry Needling. Ooooh, Dry Needling is fun!

If you have ever met Heather, it is obvious that she is an athlete.  I have seen her do both our V02 Max test and our Lactate Threshold test and am amazed how strong she is.  How does she stay so fit?  She says:

“I used to be queen of the stair-master but then I started running marathons in 2008. Although it was never one of my life goals, I fell in love with it and have done 5 so far, including the Boston Marathon last year. I hope to be like Paige (Kurtz, our OT who has now run 51 marathons) and make it to 50 one day! I also completed my first Ironman Triathlon in 2009, so I stay busy with swimming, biking, running, stretching, and eating. 🙂  I am terrible at team sports, so I prefer to run with friends or cheer on other people while they play!”

So now we know her secret….constant training!

In addition to being an amazing athlete, there is a soft side to Heather too.  She loves to play the piano, sing and bake cookies.  That cookie baking will come in handy,  Heather and Jonathan are expecting their first baby on October 22nd. (Mental note, Heather will probably not be a viable candidate to volunteer at the Wicked 10k this year).  She and her husband are thrilled (and a little nervous) to become parents, but after experiencing the joys of a puppy for a year, they are ready for their own little one.  They have successfully raised a 1.5 year old golden retriever named Lincoln. His favorite things to do are play fetch and to cuddle with them when they watch TV at night.

I asked Heather what her favorite thing is about working at In Motion and here is what she had to say, “I love that I am surrounded by people who can laugh and have a great time at work but who can also have really great discussions about PT and patient care.  I am challenged each day I go to work and feel like it’s a place where I can contribute but can also grow so much in my personal and professional life.”  We heart Heather!