Physical Therapy in Hampton Roads
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Get Your Body Ready For Back To School

pexels-ray-piedra-1478476It won’t be long before fleets of long, yellow buses roll through the neighborhoods of Hampton Roads. Through the region, back to school energy is thriving and it’s not limited to young children. College freshmen are moving into dorms, and older students are preparing for graduate studies and other programs. Education is forever, as is the need to approach back to school health.

Prepare Your Body With Exercise

Long hours in classrooms can take a toll on the body and mind. It’s important to pay attention to how you sit at a desk so you don’t slouch and bring on aches and pains through poor posture. Exercising before school not only helps jumpstart your circulation but can keep your body limber and better prepared for prolonged sitting.

In the days leading up to the first day of school, set aside thirty minutes for a favorite physical activity or exercise. Walk, ride a bike, practice yoga. Simple hand strengthening exercises or use of a stress ball can also be beneficial in preventing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Properly Pack For Your Back

Backpacks are convenient for carrying necessary books and supplies, but become a burden when incorrectly worn or stuffed to excess. If you’re using a backpack this year, be sure to adjust the straps so the pack is settled comfortably and ergonomically. The pack should rest close against your back and not sag. Place heavier books at the back to help with weight distribution, and try to keep the contents at about fifteen percent of your body weight. Carry the pack with both straps, too, so you’re not putting too much stress on one part of the body.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

When school resumes, we adjust our sleep to accommodate our new schedules. If summer kept you out late, it may be time to get to bed earlier so you are refreshed for your classes. Power down mobile and electronic devices about an hour before you sleep, set your bedroom temperature for your comfort, and relax. If sleep is difficult during your adjustment period, try reading a print book or listening to meditative music.

For assistance with physical issues any time of year, the experts at Bon Secours In Motion are here to help with individualized therapy programs. We work with patients experiencing neck pain, back pain, and who need help with occupational therapy. Contact us today to learn more about our programs.