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Bon Secours team of athletic trainers provide healthcare services and athletic events coverage to the athletes and athletic programs of many local middle and high schools. Our athletic trainers are highly skilled and educated healthcare professionals that specialize in the prevention, assessment, management, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries. As integral members of the sports medicine team, the athletic trainers are often the first healthcare provider an interscholastic athlete will see for care.

When injuries occur, the athletic trainer is in a unique position to initiate and coordinate care for the athlete from the time of injury through their full return to activity. This may include injury evaluation and diagnosis, creation and implementation of rehabilitation and treatment plans, emergency management and triage of injuries, use of modalities in the treatment of acute and chronic injuries, taping and bracing, and return to play testing protocols. Due to the athletic trainer’s role and accessibility to the athlete, they often serve as a point person of care and are required to communicate and coordinate with multiple parties, including physicians, physical therapists, parents, coaches, and administrators, to ensure appropriate execution of the athlete’s plan of care.

The athletic trainer’s job is not just in treating injuries, but also preventing them. Our athletic trainers regularly work to ensure safe playing conditions by creating and implementing appropriate protocols for heat and weather related concerns, educating athletes, parents and coaches about common injuries/conditions and associated prevention techniques, as well as sport specific prevention programs (i.e. wrestling weight loss program).

Our athletic trainers are an invaluable asset to the Bon Secours Sports Medicine Team and optimize the health and safety of the participants of our schools’ athletic programs.

Manager of Athletic Training Services – Synthia Goode

AT Lead – Megan Gallagher

Catholic High School – Heather Wathen

Churchland High SchoolColin Foley

Churchland Middle School – Kyra Galganski

Cradock Middle School – VACANT

I C Norcom High School – Nikki Knight

King’s Fork High School – Jami Furr

Lakeland High School – Andrew Chandler

Nansemond River High School – Sarah Smith

Smithfield High SchoolElizabeth Hamilton

Waters Middle School/VOSSJustin Seligman

Woodrow Wilson High SchoolMegan Hall

Windsor High SchoolJennifer Linza

VOSS/FloaterStefani Masterton

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