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How Physical Therapists Use Pilates to Help You Heal

pilates rehabilitationPilates isn’t just a fitness class; it’s a method of movement that can help you recover from injuries and health conditions and even prevent pain or other problems in the future.

Pilates uses controlled, careful movements to build strength, improve flexibility, and help you become more aware of your body. It focuses on increasing strength of the core muscles in your abdomen, back and hips. With improved core strength, you should have better balance and body mechanics, helping you have better posture and to use safer motions for everyday activities.  

Physical therapists often use Pilates as part of rehabilitation for injuries or conditions such as:

  • Back pain or neck pain
  • Degenerative disk disease
  • Scoliosis or spinal deformities
  • Arthritis
  • Shoulder conditions like tendonitis or bursitis
  • Sprains, strains or tendon injuries
  • Sacroiliac pain and dysfunction
  • IT band syndrome

Benefits of Pilates in a Rehabilitation Program

Pilates uses equipment or your bodyweight to slowly and safely build strength and flexibility. The exercises are easily adjusted to fit any fitness level from a couch potato to an elite athlete.

As you continue your Pilates exercises both in physical therapy sessions and at home, you may notice benefits like:

  • Reduced pain. A strong core and improved posture can help relieve all sorts of pain in your back, shoulders, neck and hips.
  • Better coordination. Pilates movements are controlled and coordinated, helping your body stay in alignment and improving your awareness of your body. Over time, these exercises can help you enjoy better coordination in your everyday life.
  • Improved posture. Strong abdominal and back muscles make it possible for you to use good posture while sitting or standing. Better posture not only boosts your confidence, but can help prevent back problems.
  • Stronger muscles. Pilates focuses on improving strength in your core and throughout your body. Increased strength can help you avoid injuries during exercise or even just everyday activities.

Many people who practice Pilates also find it improves their mental health by improving their mindfulness and helping them focus on their breathing, which can serve as meditation and a stress reliever.

Bon Secours In Motion physical therapists use Pilates in combination with massage and other exercises to help you enjoy a healthier body. Each physical therapist has received advanced certification in Pilates rehabilitation and have hundreds of hours of experience using Pilates to care for patients.

Learn more about our Pilates rehabilitation program and how it can help you.