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Is Pregnancy Pain Normal?

belly-button-birth-family-57529More than 50 percent of pregnant women experience some sort of pain—from backaches to hip tingling, leg cramps to carpal tunnel syndrome. And it’s no wonder that they experience pain; pregnancy puts the body through a wide range of challenges and changes, including gaining 25 pounds or more in just nine months.

But while pregnancy pain is common, it shouldn’t be treated as “normal” or “typical.” Pain can disrupt sleep, prevent women from staying active, and turn what should be a happy time into a difficult one. And though it may not be prevented, it can be treated with the help of a targeted physical therapy program.

At Bon Secours In Motion, our experienced physical therapists provide personalized care to pregnant women, helping them reduce pain. Your program may include:

Manual Therapy

One of the major causes of pain are ligaments pressing against nerves or becoming too tight. Manual therapy, such as massage techniques, can help loosen up tight ligaments and tendons to ease pain. Manual therapy often helps with pain in the lower back and hips, as well as pain in the legs.

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy helps take pressure off of tired and stressed muscles. The water helps make your bump more buoyant so that as you move, you aren’t feeling the strain of carrying around your little one (and your enlarged uterus and the placenta). During aquatic therapy, you may perform exercises to build strength and increase flexibility in a gentle way.

Exercise Program

Don’t worry; this exercise program isn’t designed to make you huff and puff. It’s designed to help you build strength throughout your back, abdomen, pelvic floor, and legs. These exercises may help you use better posture and body mechanics that will reduce pain and even help prevent postpartum problems like urinary incontinence.

You may also use stretches to improve flexibility. More flexible ligaments and tendons can help open up space around your uterus, relieving pressure on nerves that causes tingling and pain.

Maternity Supports

For mommas-to-be who are carrying big bumps, maternity belts and supports may help reduce pressure on the lower back. These belts can be worn beneath clothes and help lift the bump so it isn’t pulling on your spine. Kinesio taping may also help support the bump and the ligaments around your uterus. Your physical therapist can help you decide if these supports are right for you and fit you for the proper items.

Don’t live in pain during pregnancy. Find relief by contacting Bon Secours In Motion today and scheduling your first appointment.