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Watch Your Feet This Winter

pexels-chris-f-6356972December brings Christmas cheer and time off to spend with loved ones. It’s also a popular month for tempting holiday sweets and the desire to stay indoors. You shouldn’t feel guilty about enjoying your favorite seasonal snacks this year, but it’s important to not lose sight of your health and exercise goals. Keep moving this winter!

When the weather turns cold, you want to protect your feet. As you prepare to exercise outdoors in lower temperatures, watch the ground conditions before you walk. Avoid icy paths and deep snow banks if you can and stick to routes where the walking is clear. 

The ideal shoes and socks for winter exercise will keep your feet dry and warm, and help you maintain good balance and reduce stress. Our Orthotics program can help you find the proper footwear for your exercise routines. For walking in snowy weather, for example, you’ll want shoes with soles made to handle rough terrain that also keep your feet dry.

Foot care indoors is equally important. Even if you keep your home at a comfortable temperature, you’ll want to wear some kind of protection. Thick cabin socks with grippy soles or slippers will warm your feet at home and prevent your extremities from suffering aches and stiffness. 

When relaxing at home, elevate your feet. This aids in improved circulation in your feet, ankles and legs, and can reduce inflammation and swelling.

Should your feet, or ankles, fail you any time of year, the Bon Secours In Motion Foot and Ankle program can help put the spring back into your step. Contact us today to learn more about our customized programs for improved mobility and balance.