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5 Ways to Love Your Body This Valentine’s Day

person-holding-heart-shaped-cut-out-1820525Your body is an amazing gift that allows you to interact with the world, whether you are smelling a delicious meal or running a marathon. This coming Valentine’s Day, show your body some love with these simple steps.

Feed It Right

Your body feels better and functions better when it has all the nutrients it needs and less of the junk food it doesn’t need. Treat your body to a delicious and nutritious diet, including lots of vegetables, fish and lean meats, and low-fat dairy products. You might even throw in a dark chocolate-covered strawberry or two on special occasions.

If you aren’t sure what a healthy diet looks like for you, a nutritionist can help.

Get It Moving

When your body is in motion, your brain releases chemicals like endorphins that leave you feeling happy and energized. Love your body with some extra light exercise, like a walk at lunch or a leisurely swim. If you are bored with your current exercise plan, your body probably is, too. Switch it up with help from a trainer.

Help It Relax

Everyday stresses can leave you feeling tense from head to toe. Loosen up your muscles, release stress and feel better by getting a massage. Massage can release tight connective tissue and help you and your body feel calmer.

Give It Rest

Sleep is a vital part of good health. While you sleep, your body makes long-term memories, heals injuries and recharges for the next day. As an adult, you should strive to get 8 hours of restful sleep each night by sleeping in a cool, dark and quiet room that is free of screens.

Respect Its Limits

Our bodies are amazing, but they can’t do everything. Know and respect your body’s limits and avoid foods, exercise or other activities that leave your body feeling less than optimal. If you are getting older and often experience back pain, hire someone else to shovel snow. If fatty foods give you heartburn, eat a leaner diet. Listening to your body’s needs can help you feel better and live healthier.

At Bon Secours In Motion, we are dedicated to helping all bodies work better, whether you’ve experienced a stroke or an injury or if you’d just like to lose a little weight. We can help you care for yourself and show your body some love. Contact Bon Secours In Motion today to schedule your first appointment.