Physical Therapy in Hampton Roads
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Outstanding! Sarah Martin planned treatments to improve ankle…

PT treatment:

Outstanding! Sarah Martin planned treatments to improve ankle, thigh and hip balance via therapeutic exercises/activities and gate/balance training. Today I walk very confidently with my cane and overall ambulatory balance has improved remarkably. Sarah’s recommended daily home exercise routine, which I perform diligently, is maintaining the excellent quality of skill I derived from in motion PT.

Administrative support: Terrefic! Each person is customer service oriented exudes a helpful attitude, always courteous, provides info regarding health insurance and the responsibility of the patient.

Sarah Martin, DPT: superior!

Professional to the 9th°, charismatic, sympathetic, motivates patients for cooperation to attain PT goal with her energy and enthusiasm. Her resource fullness is a valuable asset to In motion PT. she has obviously provide a quality training to the rehab technicians because they too have acquired quality professionalism as well… Dedication, patients, and customer oriented.


Sarah Martin is the catalyst for successful physical therapy at bonsecours In motion at the Boo williams sportsplex. It was she and her PT care plan which will make it possible for me to continue performing as a senior fashion model using my cane as a prop (a favorite volunteer activity).

Thank you, Sarah Martin, and the others to make it possible for me, at 91 years, to remain independent to continue many volunteer activities and a good standard of well-being.”

Marie B Collins