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Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

Persistent pain, limited mobility and weakness can limit a woman’s function after a breast cancer surgery.

The goal of Breast Cancer Physical Therapy is to restore and maximize function. All patients who have undergone a mastectomy, lumpectomy, axillary dissection or breast reconstruction are candidates for therapy. However, those patients who have not achieved full active shoulder range of motion and a gradual return to their pre-surgical activity level are particularly good candidates for therapy intervention.

In Motion’s staff consists of caring professionals who have advanced training. After our physical therapist evaluates your condition by assessing your mobility, strength, posture, and function, our team will provide a customized program of physical therapy to help you recover lost movement and mobility.

Breast Cancer Surgery and Lymphedema
Lymphedema can be a problem after breast surgery. It occurs when the ability of the lymphatic system to transport fluid has been compromised. Lymphatic fluid would normally be carried from the tissues surrounding the chest to the circulatory system. With lymphedema, fluid cannot move back effectively through the lymph vessels and the protein rich fluid accumulates in the tissues.

In Motion’s therapists are trained to treat lymphedema with Complex Decongestive Physiotherapy, a gentle, non-invasive therapy that restores lymphatic flow. This therapy is based on simple actions:

  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Multi -layered compression
  • Bandaging
  • Compression pump
  • Exercises and skin care

Communication and education is always an important aspect of high quality physical therapy. In Motion’s therapists share home exercises that continue the gains made in therapy. They help women return to the normality of every day function, so that dressing oneself or performing household tasks and activities, can be done with greater motion and less pain.

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