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Fast paced and action filled, lacrosse demands great conditioning. Wielding the stick while cutting and dodging, or leaping high for a better shot at goal, demands endurance, agility, bursts of explosive speed and power.

Tell us how we can help you meet your goals with a customized lacrosse program, based on the cornerstones of performance enhancement and analysis.

In Motion tests to find your baseline and determine what needs work to make you a better athlete at your sport.

  • Flexibility and Strength assessment
  • Musculoskeletal evaluation
  • Seven point functional movement Screen (FMS) to identify neuromuscular deficiencies
  • Strategies for prevention of the most common lacrosse injuries
  • Dartfish video analysis available
  • Home drills to boost speed, power, flexibility and core stability

“They composed a work out to directly address my points of weakness, concentrating on movements commonly used on the lacrosse field.” – Reed Looney, 2008 US Lacrosse High School Academic All American, 2008 TCIS Boys Lacrosse, 1st Team All Conference, Teams: Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School, Virginia Beach & Virginia Elite, Charlottesville.

Discounts are available for groups of 2-4 athletes if training at the same times. If you are interested in team or group training, please call the In Motion Sports Performance facility closest to you for rates and availability.